Michael Leslie, Concert Pianist

When Michael Leslie sits down at the piano one is compelled by the magnetism of the playing. Leslie does not play to the gallery or to please the crowd. From under his fingers the music emerges warm, vivid, strong and alive. There's not a whiff of the museum, or the dignified blandness of the professional. On the contrary, the music is almost virulently alive and kicking. One senses that the work probably sounded rather different last time round, and will be different again next time.

(Dr. Andrew Jacobs)

++ Current autum/winter programme 2015. ›› more ++ Meisterkonzert Beethoven pur, Coburg, 21st of October 2013 … It was exhilarating to experience the uncluttered purity of Michael Leslie's pianism. As a speaker he opened up a path toward greater understanding of the Beethoven piano works, and as a virtuoso he simply tore his listeners from their seats. It was a magnificent recital from a celebrated soloist who left his audience with a lot to think about… from the Review: Freiheitsdrang eines Revolutionärs by Dr. Peter Müller, Neue Presse Coburg 22nd of Oct. 2013 ›› more

Michael Leslie

Michael Leslie plays Beethoven Piano Sonata Nr. 28 op. 101, A-Dur